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DAILY HERALD: ENDORSED by 3rd Largest Newspaper in Illinois

"Dave Ehrlich stand[s] out. Ehrlich has worked for the watchdog U.S. Government Accounting Office and teaches in the Environmental Management & Sustainability program at Illinois Institute of Technology...endorsed.”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Ehrlich is "a promising" candidate for Water Reclamation board.

Water is our most precious resource. And the great lakes are the world's largest freshwater resource. Low taxes, world-class green water infrastructure, transparent contracting, pollution control, flood control, and health standards all attract people and jobs to the region in a competitive global economy. To protect our water, we must change from GRAY to GREEN infrastructure. It's not new. It's not radical. Other cities have done it. But our MWRD Board votes for nearly 100% GRAY infrastructure.

GREEN is more effective, cheaper, cleaner, and creates more jobs.
Vote GREEN on November 6.


Fiscal Conservative

We Propose:

• Fully transparent contracting procedures–the board's main function. Dave has written on the topic.

• Rigorous cost controls and results-based measurement of treatment & flood relief methods.

• Increase from 0 to 50% lower-cost green infrastructure to reduce spending & flooding.

• MWRD is not doing these things: many other cities are saving millions of taxpayer dollars.

Dave is qualified:

• Senior analyst at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), which saved the US government a trillion dollars over the last 15 years. He'll do the same at MWRD.

• Consulted with Congress to improve US infrastructure finance & contracting

• Co-authored a report on revolving loans, a third of MWRD funds.

• Taught graduate government finance courses as faculty at the DePaul University School of Public Service.

• MWRD receives a significant part of its funding from state revolving funds, special grants, and federal capital funding, all areas Dave has written on, researched, and taught about.


Environmental Conservative

We Propose:

• Using half green infrastructure (GI)-- rather than MWRD's close to none -- would keep rain from sewers and from mixing with wastewater, reducing treatment volume, costs, pollution, energy use, & GHG emissions. And save our threatened groundwater & lake water supplies.

• GI is much cheaper, more effective than MWRD's gray systems, & filters nitrogen & phosphorous pollutants-MWRD causes the 6,000 sq. mi. Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

• Physical River separation to keep Asian Carp from destroying great lakes' ecology. This is our last chance to avoid the Mississippi River's fate.

• MWRD must work with-not against-local governments and the US & IL EPAs.

Dave is qualified:

Faculty, graduate Environmental Management & Sustainability and Public Administration degree programs at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Teaches Environmental Policy and taught courses in Water Policy, Green Development, and Climate Change

Foresight Sustainable Business Alliance & Sierra Club member.

Has written on financing green infrastructure projects


Accountability Watchdog

We Propose:

• An independent Inspector General housed in the Office of the Executive Inspector General.

• Expanding recorded votes for all contracts over $10,000 - no votes by "consent agenda."

• Expanding transparency of bidding and contracting.

• Expand cost-saving competitive contracting beyond engineering & construction - including legal, lobbying, & financial services - high cost problem areas at MWRD in the past - taxpayers would save millions & local businesses could seriously compete for contracts.

Dave is qualified:

• Senior analyst, 15 years, US Government Accountability Office (GAO), the "Watchdog" of Congress; a main GAO mission is to combat government waste, fraud, and abuse.

• Has written and taught on advocacy, lobbying, and competitive bidding. He can protect the taxpayers.

• Legislative assistant in Congress for seven years; experienced working with local, state, and federal agencies.


Green Infrastructure

We Propose:

• A zero to 50% change in using green infrastructure; provide technical & financial advice and assistance for projects to save taxpayers money.

• GI is less expensive and more effective at reducing flooding than concrete. Sadly, MWRD opposes most GI.

• Green infrastructure can absorb more than an inch of heavy rain, reducing or preventing 85% of flooding.

• The massive, $3.5 billion tunnel & reservoir project (TARP) will not reduce flooding significantly as rainstorms intensify.

• GI controls flooding the day it is built - not in 2029, when TARP is finished.

Dave is qualified:

• Dave has worked with the Center for Neighborhood Technology teaching students about Green Infrastructure, and the World Resources Institute, Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Federation, and other leading nonprofits.

• Dave's experience in Congress & working with local governments & the US EPA gives him the ability to quickly increase to half MWRD's use of green infrastructure to reduce flooding. Collaboration has been a serious failure of the MWRD in the past.

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